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    Titre(s) alternatif:
    Genres: Drame | Crime
    Pays: Suède
    Année: 2017

    The six-episode series tells the story about the ruthless and corrupt police officer Alex who has decided to come to terms with his dubious past and become clean. But the dark forces he has collaborated with earlier refuses to let him off the hook, putting both Alex and his family's lives at great danger. At the same time Alex gets a new partner, Frida, who secretly has been instructed to bring him down.

  • Streaming

    Saison Streaming Version
    1 Episode 1 VF
    1 Episode 2 VF
    1 Episode 3 VF
    1 Episode 4 VF
    1 Episode 5 VF
    1 Episode 6 VF
    2 Episode 6 VF
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